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Easily send our WhatsApp bot your surf session details and we’ll log it for you. No app download required.

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Receive a weekly or monthly summary of your surf sessions, including your best sessions and how many waves you caught.

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Get detailed analytics on your surf sessions. Filter by board, spot, conditions, and more, to get the insights you need.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • What is inkedsurf?

      inkedsurf is a revolutionary surf journaling platform that seamlessly combines user-friendly WhatsApp integration with real-time surf conditions, providing surfers with detailed analytics to enhance their surfing experiences.

    • How does inkedsurf work?

      Surfers can use the inkedsurf WhatsApp bot to effortlessly log session details, including the boards used, surf locations, and personal assessments. The platform complements user-generated data with real-time surf conditions, offering a comprehensive overview through the web app.

    • Can I access my surf data from multiple devices?

      Yes, inkedsurf offers a web app that allows users to access their surf data from multiple devices. Simply log in to your account to view and analyze your surfing insights.

    • Is my data secure with inkedsurf?

      Absolutely. inkedsurf prioritizes user privacy and employs strict security measures. User data is anonymized, and we adhere to all privacy regulations to ensure a secure and ethical surfing experience.

    • How can surf industry companies benefit from inkedsurf?

      Surf industry companies can create unique URLs for their products on inkedsurf, gaining access to anonymized, aggregated data related to their offerings. This data-driven collaboration allows companies to refine products and engage with the surfing community.

    • Can I share my surfing experiences with friends on inkedsurf?

      Yes, inkedsurf encourages community engagement. Users can share their experiences, insights, and achievements with friends by using the platform's social features. It's a great way to connect with fellow surf enthusiasts.

    • Are there premium features on inkedsurf?

      Yes, inkedsurf offers premium features for users looking to unlock additional capabilities. Premium features may include enhanced analytics, personalized insights, and exclusive content to further enrich the surfing experience.

    • How do I get started with inkedsurf?

      Getting started with inkedsurf is easy. Simply connect to our WhatsApp bot, enter a few details, and start using it to log your surf sessions. The web app provides detailed analytics for you to explore and enjoy.

    • Can I customize the boards list in inkedsurf?

      Absolutely. inkedsurf allows users to customize their boards list, ensuring that the logging process is tailored to individual preferences. Add, edit, or remove boards with ease to reflect your unique surfing gear.